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Whichever of the most popular social media platforms you choose to include in your marketing strategy, a look at the numbers shows these are a very big deal. Why? Because, the more time users spend on social media, the more likely they are going to see your organic content and paid advertisements.

In the UK alone, 67% of us use social media but take a look at the reach of some of the top platforms out there:

  1. Facebook: Monthly active users: 2.7 billion

  2.  Twitter: Average monetizable daily active users: 186 million

  3.  LinkedIn: Registered users: Over 706 million

  4.  YouTube: Registered users: Over 2 billion

  5.  Pinterest: Monthly users: Over 400 million

  6.  Instagram: Monthly active users: Over 1 billion

These stats are of course always changing but they remain a huge opportunity for marketers around the globe.